Saturday, February 13, 2010

IC Pics Using a Standard Digital Camera Update

As you can see, I made a change to my layout. I added a lego brick housing to support the lens assembly along with the camera finally on my missing tripod, then a new ultra-bright flashlight.

Now for some more pictures :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

IC Pics Using a Standard Digital Camera

This is if you're like me you can't afford a big expensive microscope and too lazy to get a job. I managed to salvage a manual adjusting lens assembly from an old video camera and put it to good use by putting my cameras lens directly up to the old video camera lens. Then I zoomed to the max and adjusted the video camera lens to focus it.

Okay so its taped to my desk and has a flashlight pointing into it, but I was actually pretty satisfied with the pictures considering the fact it literally was a 30 second idea and was pretty good for a water-droplet sized IC. I am still working with my cameras settings because I do not know how to use it, but I wrekon I can get a better picture with some trial and error. This was the best one I got because I couldnt keep my camera still for the likes of me and cant find my tripod.